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Art Phenom is a project that is currently under development.
This is a web app that lets you discover the culture and the arts around you when you are in a city you don't know yet.


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As the international reference for information and inspiration in the luxury space over the past three decades, LE BOOK has a network of 50,000+ creatives at brands and advertising agencies – all involved in marketing, image-making, and media buying.

  • Project owner consultant
  • Writing the technical specifications
  • Project management
  • Punctual web developments
  • Unitary and integration testing
  • Final hand-over


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It’s neither a hotel, nor an exhibition, but a limited art edition of 500, to be experimented with in a new venue made to measure by contemporary artists.

  • Web developement
    Other credits:
  • Web design : Laïs


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CONNECTIONS is the place to find talent and solutions for all image & communication needs. Bringing together creatives in advertising, branding, & entertainment. An event specially conceived for high-end professionals in the creative industry: creative directors, art directors, art buyers, image directors, marketing and communication executives, fashion editors and photo editors.

  • Web developement
  • Web design



France-mixtapes is a website that enable each visitor to upload his own mixtapes, but also to download legally and for free the best french and american Hip Hop and R&B mixtapes.

  • Consulting/Strategy
  • Integration testing, QA testing
    Other credits:
  • Founder/Web developer/Web designer: Josselin


Tracks is a franco-german TV-show broadcasted on Arte about countercultures and brand-new art forms. This unofficial website, started in 2005, was released 2 years before the "video on demand" fashion started and the creation of Arte +7, the replay-website for Arte TV-shows..

  • Founder
  • Web developer on the v.1
    Other credits:
  • Web developer/Web designer (v.2): Thibaud